Next Bank Sydney 2015

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Reinventing Finance

through design, innovation & entrepreneurship

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Next Bank is an independent, open and collaborative community driving change for the better in financial services through design, innovation and entrepreneurship.

WHY are we here?

We want to see banking change for the better, for every person on the planet

HOW do we do it?

We see design, innovation & entrepreneurship as forces of change

WHAT do we create?

We build conferences, communities, content, research, consulting and coaching



Next Bank Europe 2015

February 12, London


Next Bank Sydney 2015

March 11, Sydney


Next Bank Asia 2015

May 27-28, Singapore


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Here's your chance to lead the Next Bank conversation. Open a Next Bank chapter in your city, run events, meetups, competitions, workshops and training for your industry peers, and connect globally with your fellow Next Bankers. And maybe, with Next Bank, you can change the world!

What we think

The Startup Team: 4 + 3 = 1

By | Entrepreneurship, FinTech, Innovation, people management, R&D, StartUps, team, Technology Management, Venture capital | No Comments

The days of building something really innovative on your own are long gone. Edison – the prototypical inventor – had a huge lab and many assistants. Steve Jobs lead teams of innovators. I have been arguing for a while, in corporate environments and my blog, that no sane company should reward individual contribution/results and settle […]

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Know What You Got: Just what, exactly, should be inventoried?

By | application governance, applications, architecture, CMDB, configuration management, CTO, enterprise architecture, inventory, investment governance, Investment Management, modularity, OSGi, Software Development | No Comments

[tl;dr Application inventories linked to team structure, coupled with increased use of meta-data in the software-development process that is linked to architectural standards such as functional, data and business ontologies, is key to achieving long term agility and complexity management.] Some of the biggest challenges with managing a complex technology platform is knowing when to safely […]

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"Nobody is changing the conversation like Next Bank. They bring in valuable perspectives from within the industry and unique viewpoints from far beyond."

− JP Nicols, Bank Innovators Council

"Next Bank is where the future of finance is discussed, debated and defined."

− Aman Narain

"More than just an innovation showcase or trade show, Next Bank brings together the brightest minds in and out of the industry to share ideas and provide a vision for next gen banking."

− Jim Marous, The Financial Brand

"Next Bank is a great community of thought leaders, startups, industry players and subject experts that are keen to bring productive change to the financial industry."

− Markus Grnick, Startup Bootcamp Fintech

Start Up Bank Challenge Bali

We’re launching the Startup Bank Challenge in Bali to create a whole new, ethical banking model

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